Because Quality Matters

It’s summer 2015, and with this season comes a lighter, zestier, creative palette—by that, we mean fresh and flavorsome fish—Chilean Sea Bass to be exact. There are “plenty of fish in the sea”, but this one just gets our taste buds going when the warm weather hits, mainly because we can dish it up a variety of ways at the Premier Meat Company kitchen. Yes, our summer recipes have been making their rounds on our grills, ovens, and pans, we admit.

We all know that one simple spin to include in preparing Chilean Sea Bass is lemon. Another is thyme. Others are parsley, butter, and olive oil. The most important, of course, is making sure the fish is as fresh as fresh can be, and ordering a few of these from Premier Meat Company can ease that worry.

Now that we know we have a good filet and what basic flavors to incorporate in making it into a delicious meal, we can safely move on to wine—white wine—to pair with our fresh, delicious Chilean Sea Bass. Here are three wines we suggest to get you on the right path to acquiring a well-rounded dinner with this dish:

2006 Domaine Jean Collet et Fils, Chablis Grand Cru Valmur: this wine shows great citrus notes from the fruit and light vanilla, via the oak, adding to the fish by creating a mouth full of complexity.

2007 Trimbach Reserve: Alsatian rieslings make good accompaniments to sea bass due to their inherit dry or off-dry character, and the 2007 Trimbach Reserve is more than up to that task.

2008 Hess Small Block Syrah: as this wine was produced in limited quantity, it is a rare treat to come by. The aromas of plum and brown sugar tickle the end of your nose, as you taste pepper and dates in the wine.