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Market Updates

1/9/18 – Seafood Availability
Seafood Availability
6/5/18 – Congratulations to Gladstone’s Long Beach for being voted best seafood restaurant in Long Beach by Press-Telegram Readers Choice Awards!

CrystalBay Current Availability


Crystal Bay oysters, clams and mussels. Multiple species and harvest locations available. Grading that exceeds industry standards available as needed (for example, specific counts, lengths, meat fill and shell definition).

Exclusivity on brands of oysters, clams and mussels. We can go over the various brands available as well as work together on creating new brands.

Tight harvest date specifications for all molluscan shellfish. We can offer a daily list of species available;; you can pull as needed on a daily basis with multiple delivery times available to club members.

Pack size flexibility; more than the standard 120ct, 100ct, 25lb, 10lb or 5lb packs available.

Educational opportunities; including point of sale material, front of house training for restaurants/end users and more.


Custom processing available on all species. Custom packing available on all species.


Custom processing and packaging for various species. Examples include portion controlled CA halibut, grouper, snapper