Highest Quality. Minimally Processed.

Premiere Meat Company offers free-range, hand-cut poultry of the highest quality, all minimally processed.

Free Range Environment.

Free-range chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring “Smart Farm” environment on ranches in California. Smart farms are places of positive energy, where animals enjoy natural lives with little stress.

Peak of Fresness.

Our poultry arrives from local farms to be cut by expertly trained artisans and shipped directly to your kitchen, with little to no processing at the peak of freshness.

Flavor and Texture.

At Premier Meat Company, we guarantee that our Free Range of poultry is not raised in cages or handled by machines, but rather, humanely raised in stress-free environments to guarantee the best-tasting poultry. Air chilling helps prevent the likelihood of bacterial growth and conserves over 30,000 gallons of added water helping preserve freshness for a difference you can taste.