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Healthier Choice.

Our Beef has been minimally processed and raised with no hormones or antibiotics. When animals are stressed, it causes a breakdown of muscle glycogen. This makes the meat more acidic, which is less healthy and less flavorful.



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From Farm to Fork

At Premier Meat Company, we’re proud to offer products that are humanely raised on natural, sustainable farms. This “Smart-Farm” environment is an integral part of our dedication to deliver the highest quality protein products.

We believe in a “live healthy, eat healthy” lifestyle that goes far beyond the concepts of ‘green’ and ‘natural’. It’s about the transfer of positive energy from enriching the lives of our livestock to enriching the lives of you, our customers, upon consumption.

Our major suppliers are trusted farmers and ranchers who we’re honored to call our friends. Our partners are carefully selected for their premium products, environmentally sustainable practices, humane treatment of animals and quality control. We pride ourselves on offering the largest supply of free-range products and one of the largest inventories of free-range chickens in the industry. With regard to our processes, all chicken and fish processing, grinding and dry aging are done in house.

We also support the California grass-fed program and buy from farmers who support this initiative. Grass-fed beef comes from free-range cattle that gather natural flavors and a wealth of nutrients from consuming rich, California grass.

Through omitting corn and genetically modified feed from cattle’s diet, grass-fed beef offers lower calories and delivers proteins that can be easily absorbed by the human body, used for both repairing and building muscle and fueling your body’s ability to burn fat. In addition, grass-fed beef is heart friendly, lowering the risk of heart disease and also serves as a dietary defense against cancer.

At the heart of Premier Meat Company lies the foundation of our motto: You are what you eat.


A family-owned business for over 50 years, Premier Meat Company has worked with relentless passion and integrity to raise the bar and provide our customers with the freshest, most sustainable, humanely farm-bred and raised, top-of-the-line, hand cut products.

In doing so, we’ve made great strides within the industry and soared to the top of the food chain. We’re the leading provider of steaks, poultry, seafood and wild game to high-end hotels, luxurious country clubs, and the hottest restaurants and restaurant groups in the Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas areas.




Alex Katz

Ordered my meat at Premier meat and got them quickly! They were beautifully packaged and absolutely delicious! Meat was tender and flavorful. Much better quality than anything you can get in the store. Will definitely be buying this again! Highly recommend!

Vince Max

Absolutely love their steaks! I have been waiting for a company to deliver high quality steaks and seafood right to my door. I guess my expectations were never met until I found Premier meat. I was a little reluctant, but it came highly recommended by one of my web design friend and I am so happy I took the leap of faith. Great prices and just Grade A quality all around.

Casey Dickinson

I work at a restaurant in LA that uses Premier Meat Company for all of our protein needs! The quality is incredible and the customer service is so easy. We place and order at the end of the night and our products are arriving next day, it doesn’t get any easier.

Roger Licup

The meat at Premier Meat Company is outstanding. I seared the steaks for about 1 minute per side then baked them in the oven for 20 minutes @400 degrees They were the best steaks ever, also I poured the oil and butter from the pan over the steaks while baking. Truly melt in the mouth kinda thing!!!

Andrew Carbajal

I specifically wanted a type and cut of meat. He even called to the butchers to confirm the type I wanted. The next day I had my boxes of meat at my doorstep. Even the delivery driver was great. The delivery driver called me 30 minutes before, as Alex had mentioned, to confirm the delivery. Ready to place another order.

William Polk

If you’re making a delivery here don’t arrive to early there maybe limited street parking for a semi truck. Usually they unload timely per your appointment time.

Elie Balas

Great service and the best steak I have ever had.
I ordered their in house aged strips and could really cut the with a fork. Can’t wait for the next order!

Ken M

Great products and service. Best steaks I’ve had!


I got sent this as a Christmas gift and it was so good!! The meat was soo tender!!!!! Totally recommend.

Brooke Cruising

I have been ordering from PMC for a while I have been pleasantly surprised with the order fulfillment and accuracy. The fact that PMC is a multigenerational family owned business makes all the difference.

Kathy Hansen

Hands down best steak I’ve tasted in the 25 years of life on this amazing earth! I found this steak delivery online last January when I was trying to send my boyfriend on a fresh online steak delivery hunt. Needless to say I think this was the buried treasure for both of us!

Dustin Bartz

Great meat selection. Logan is a great sales person. However their delivery service can be hit or miss. I still give 5 stars just because they figure out how to make it right. Plus Logan is an all star on fixing problems. If you want great meats call Premier Meat Company.