A5 Wagyu Snow Aged Filet

From olden days in Niigata, a Yukimuro, a hole dug in the ground, filled with snow and then covered with straw, has been used for the refrigeration of fresh food in the winter. This wisdom in the snow country has been handed down for generations.

Today, it is possible to construct a Yukimuro by storing a large amount of snow in a building, and this enables the preservation of a large volume of food for extended periods. A Yukimuro maintains a stable “low-temperature, high humidity” condition, with the temperature of between 1 to 2 °C and approximately 90% humidity. This allows meat to age, bringing out delicious sweetness and mellowness. Meat aged in a Yukimuro becomes tender and moist as oxygen breaks down fibers. Proteins are also broken down and the content of free amino acid in meat increases, which gives it a mellow, rich, and melt-in-your-mouth taste.

A5 Gunma Filet 8oz

A5 Gunma Filet 8oz