Wagyu Pastrami Blue Label

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Pre cooked and sliced Australian Wagyu Blue Label Pastrami. Take your pastrami to the next level with the best of the best.

f you like pastrami, you’re going to love our Australian Wagyu pastrami. Transform your sandwiches from good to epic, and don’t forget to add it to your lineup of other cured meats to create a truly impressive charcuterie board.

Pastrami is made from the flavorful cut of beef known as the brisket. Located on the lower chest of a cow, this is a heavily used and well-muscled area, containing a lot of connective tissue. Brined prior to cooking our Australian Wagyu pastrami is rubbed with a delightful combination of salt and spices before being submerged to infuse it with flavor and add extra moisture. Once brined, this already tasty meat is then smoked over hardwood, adding to the deep complex flavor profile and helping develop even more complexity and nuance.


approximate weights 1lb