Experience The Unique Flavor of Australian Wagyu Beef

Australian Wagyu Beef

Before Japan cracked down and refused to allow any of the specially developed cattle that produce highly sought-after Japanese Wagyu beef to be exported, a handful of Australian beef farmers managed to purchase the prize cattle and started their developing their herds.

While the producers weren’t able to keep the bloodlines pure, they quickly learned that with a combination of careful breeding and the right feeds they developed a product that’s now called Australian Wagyu beef.

Don’t assume that Australian Wagyu beef is a low-quality alternative to Japanese Wagyu beef. It’s not. The type of high-quality Australian Wagyu beef we help put on your dinner plate always scores an 8 or 9 on the Wagyu Marbling Scores. The result of this exquisite marbling is that as soon as your bite into your butter-soft steaks, the most amazing flavor you’ve ever tasted will spread throughout your mouth.


The Difference Between Australian Wagyu Beef and Japanese Wagyu Beef

Many steak lovers enjoy rotating between Australian Wagyu beef and Japanese Wagyu beef. Each type of meat tastes subtly different. Beef connoisseurs love having a choice.

The biggest differences between Australian Wagyu beef and Japanese Wagyu beef include:

  • Australian Wagyu beef cattle mature faster. The faster maturity rate increases the amount of marbling found in each cut and also reduces the cost
  • While it’s still tender and tasty, Australian Wagyu beef has a slightly different texture
  • The difference in water and feed changes the overall nutritional values of the two types of beef


Understanding Australian Wagyu Beef Marbling Scores

Australia uses a unique number system to score the marbling in Wagyu Beef.



Blue Label Australian Wagyu Beef is a great choice when you’re first stepping into the world of Wagyu beef. The marbling is far better than what you’ll find in your local supermarket, but not so over the top that you have a difficult time cooking the meat. The flavor is fantastic and you’ll love the soft texture. You can almost cut this meat with a fork.


White Label Marble Score 6-7

Australian Wagyu Beef with White Label Marbling is visibly marbled. You’ll see the thin webbing of fat cutting through each cut of meat. This meat is a little denser than some of the higher-scored cuts. It will have a good flavor and be easy to chew, though not as tender as the cuts with a higher marbling score. Since it has less fat, it won’t cook quite as fast, making it a good choice for the distracted griller.


Marble Score 9+

This is the best of the best. Every single bite is brimming with flavor. The meat practically melts in your mouth.


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