Filet Mignon: King of the Steaks

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Filet Mignon: King of the Steaks

Many of the world’s top chefs refer to the filet mignon as the “King of Steaks.” The cut doesn’t get its name because it’s the biggest steak cut (quite the opposite actually) but rather because it is the most tender steak you’ll ever have the pleasure of biting into. From the first bite to last, this is a steak that brims with flavor and practically melts in your mouth.

When Meat the Butcher subscribers ask us for suggestions and advice about what type of meat they should include in their online steak order, we also advice adding one or two filets to the box. It’s our experience that these premier steaks make any meal even more memorable. You really can’t go wrong when you serve a filet mignon prime steak.

Understanding the Filet Mignon Prime Steak

The reason that the filet sounds so fancy is because French chefs named it. The name translates to boneless dainty steak. While accurate, it’s not a great name, which is why American butcher shops and meat sellers continue to use the French version.

The filet mignon prime steak is cut directly from the steer’s tenderloin region, where the most valuable cuts are located. When you’re looking at a steer, the tenderloin starts just behind their last rib and ends with the sirloin. Before one of the Premiere Meat Company’s artesian butchers separates the filets from the other cuts, the tenderloin looks like a cone and includes several vertebrae. The filets are removed from the narrowest part of the tenderloin.

The reason filet mignon prime steaks are so very tender is because the tenderloin is one of the few areas of the steer’s body that bears almost no weight and that has very little connective tissue.

Enjoy the Best Filet Mignon Prime Steak

Since Meat the Butchers first started selling meat, they’ve been the preferred supplier for many of the top restaurants in Southern California. Many local chefs refuse to have anything to do with filet steaks that weren’t processed by us.

It’s easy to understand why chef’s place a premium on the filet prime steaks we sell. Ours are the best.

One of the biggest differences between our filet mignon prime steaks and everyone else’s is that we know the key to a great filet steak is how well the steer that provided the steak was treated. The livestock producers raise some of the best Black Angus cattle in the country. Each of the animals is fed a corn and hay diet and raised in a stress-free environment before they’re butchered. Once the beef has been cut, we allow the filets to age for a full 21 days, which improves both the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Sink Your Teeth into the Best Filet Mignon Prime Steak You’ve Ever Tasted

Just because you’re not located in Southern California, it doesn’t mean depriving yourself of our outstanding filet steaks. We’ve created the best online meat ordering system in the country which not only makes it possible for everyone in the lower 48 states to enjoy the best all-American filet mignon prime steak, but to have it at your door 48 hours after you place your online meat order.

How Meat the Butchers Online Meat Subscription Works

Anyone how lives in the continental United States is invited to sign up for our online meat subscription service. When you do, you’ll enjoy a few things no other meat retailer provides. First, you’re free to handle the number of times meat is delivered to your door and how much meat comes. Feel free to order enough meat to feed your entire family for a month, or place an order for just two filet mignon prime steaks. You can also choose how frequently you receive one of our premier meat boxes. Some customers choose to have a box delivered each week, while others prefer a once a month program.

Meet the Butcher subscribers are free to order as many 6oz or 8oz filet mignon steaks as they want. We sell this particular cut in packs of 2 steaks. We ship our steaks via FedEx and are pleased to report that they can deliver our meat to any address in the lower 48 states within 48 hours.

What really makes us the best online meat ordering program is that while other online meat ordering programs flash freeze their steaks before packing the in dry ice, we’ve worked out a way to line our Meat the Butcher boxes with gel inserts that merely refrigerate the meat. Since the meat your filets aren’t frozen, you can toss them on the grill as soon as they arrive.

By not freezing the filet mignon steaks, we can assure each of our customers that they’ll enjoy meat that is full of flavor and very tender.

Do you have questions about our filet mignon steaks? Feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with answers.