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We’ve been serving southern California markets for over thirty years using the highest quality products with unparalleled consistency and customer service. Integrating our business with our valued partners has allowed us to excel our quality above the rest. Fresh, never frozen and sustainable is what we promise. 


We’re proud to offer products that are humanely raised on natural, sustainable farms. We believe in a “live healthy, eat healthy” lifestyle that goes far beyond the concepts of ‘green’ and ‘natural’. It’s about the transfer of positive energy from enriching the lives of our livestock to enriching the lives our customers upon consumption.


A family-owned business for decades, Premier Meat Company has soared to the top of the culinary industry. We’ve worked with relentless passion and integrity to raise the bar as we continue to provide you with excellent and personable services. 

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With its exquisite marbling, our beef offers unmatched tenderness and an unforgettable culinary experience. Sourced from the finest farms, our beef is carefully selected and aged to perfection.

About Our Beef


Our chickens and turkeys are fed with only the best organic, non-GMO feed, ensuring you get the highest quality meat that is both delicious and healthy. We get our poultry from farms that practice humane and sustainable methods. Ethical poultry for a natural flavor.

About Our Poultry


We offer pork from family owned farmers that practice smart farming, sustainability, antibiotic free and heritage breed programs. Our No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) pork is prop 12 approved ensuring the freshest and cleanest pork is available to you.

About Our Pork


Our eco-friendly farms produce high-quality, flavorful meat that you can feel great about consuming. Our lambs roam free and are fed a nutritious diet, resulting in lean, tender meat that is perfect for any meal.

About Our Lamb
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Crystal Bay Seafood offers the freshest catch daily by our contracted fisherman all around the world allowing a wide variety of fresh seafood for our chefs to choose from. From succulent salmon to juicy tuna steaks, our range of seafood is the perfect way to to highlight any dish while promoting sustainability.

About Our Seafood
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Crystal Bay Seafood was created over a decade ago with the vision of expanding for the needs of our chefs allowing access to a wide variety of fresh seafood, that reflect the values of our premium beef programs at Premier Meat. Crystal Bay Seafood is committed to uphold the freshest sourced product with our three decades of experience in the world of seafood! Having a wide selection of fresh seafood in our daily inventory allows us to create the optimal experience for our chef’s and customers. Indulge in guilt-free seafood with our sustainably sourced and delicious fish meat!