Fresh Salmon

Straight from the Sea.

While you’re sleeping, Premier Meat Company receives the freshest seafood daily, portioned and packaged for delivery by the best trained artisans in the industry. Our customers enjoy the highest quality, freshest seafood available, only thing better… you catching it yourself.

Finest and Freshest Fish Available.

Our fish is line caught directly from the open sea, providing you with a selection of only the finest seafood to your door step. Nutritious fish come from healthy environments. Our fish are seasonally caught off the coasts of places such as Alaska, Norway, and Scotland to name a few.

Smart Fishing.

Farms that engage in sustainable farming methods and practice the humane treatment of animals offer a “Smart-Farm” environment. From the Smart Farm, seafood arrives to Premier Meat Company to be cut and packaged so that it can be delivered to your home with very little processing.

Flavor and Texture.

Seafood flavor vary with growing conditions. Some factors that influence taste are water quality, weather and harvest location. At Premier Meat Company, we stand by our guarantee that all of our seafood comes from top curators to ensure only the best flavors and harvesting quality.

A Healthy Choice.

In addition to providing the highest quality , Premier Meat Company’s seafood has numerous health benefits to better fit your heathy lifestyle.

Promotes Health.

Fresh fish helps maintain a healthy heart, improves prenatal and post natal development and reduces depression. Our fish is also rich in Omega-3 that may reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Fresh Halibut Fish
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Crystal Bay Seafood

Every day starting in the evening hours, Crystal Bay begins producing fresh fish orders for restaurants throughout Southern California and Nevada, including some of the most famous chefs.

At Crystal Bay Seafood, only the best fish gets packed. Through quality control, we track refrigeration and pack our product at the optimum temperatures to preserve shelf life and maintain flavor.

We house a staff of exceptionally skilled fish processors. Proper handling, processing and packaging are just some of the many reasons that allow us to consistently deliver the highest quality fish to our customers’ doors.

Carefully Thought Out.

Through quality control, we track refrigeration and pack our product at the optimum temperature to preserve and maintain flavor. Proper handling and packaging are just some of the many reasons that allow Premier Meat Company to consistently deliver the highest quality, fresh, premium seafood to you, our valued consumer.

We House a Staff of Exceptionally Skilled Fish Processors

We strive to offer our customers the highest quality proteins available. When it comes to our seafood stock, we feature products across all categories. We give 110% to ensure our customers can find anything and everything with the help of our fish department.

All types and species of fresh fish, frozen seafood and smoked seafood can be presented to you by our sales team or customer service department. Most types of wild-caught fish, shellfish, sustainable fish and farm-raised seafood can be found at Crystal Bay.

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