Straight from the Ocean.

We receive the freshest seafood daily, portioned and packaged for delivery by the best trained artisans in the industry. Our customers enjoy the highest quality, freshest seafood available.

Our Selection

Sustainably Caught

Our fisheries carefully monitor the amount of fish caught and implement measures to protect the environment and preserve species. Our seafood is sourced from responsible fishing practices, ensuring that you have access to fresh, ethically caught fish.

By choosing sustainable seafood, you are making a positive impact on our planet while enjoying delicious and nutritious fish. Join us in our commitment to sustainable fishing and protect our oceans for generations to come.

Expertly Packaged

Through superior handling and packaging, we consistently deliver the highest quality, freshest premium seafood to our valued customers.

Unbeatable Variety

When it comes to our seafood stock, we feature a wide variety of products to ensure that our customers can find anything and everything.

All types and species of fresh and smoked seafood are available. Contact our sales & customer service department for more information.

Exclusive Catch

From the ocean to your kitchen, Crystal Bay Seafood has the freshest caught fish on the market. With a 99.9% fill rate, there’s no limit to what we offer.

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