Pasture Raised Chicken.

Savor the rich, juicy flavor of our chicken, turkey, and duck, and taste the difference that premium quality makes. While others ship frozen poultry via ground delivery using dry ice, we rely on our innovative packaging solution to provide you with natural and fresh poultry nationwide.

Our Chickens

Free Range

Premier Meat Company’s natural poultry is raised and cared for on ranches verified to be non-GMO project-based ranches, providing a safe, healthy and high quality product to our customers.

Air Chilled

“Air-chilled” chickens are cooled with a state-of-the-art air-chilled system where no water is added, helping to keep our exclusive poultry fresher longer, and to help maintain more nutrients.

California Grown

Our Chickens and proteins are sourced from California, the area where we live and work. Buying from us supports our local economy and promotes sustainable agriculture practices. Help us keep our community thriving – buy local!

Exclusive Cuts

From wings to thighs, we have the most Premier Cuts available on the market. With a 99.9% fill rate, there’s no limit to what we offer.

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