Beef Rib Eye Steak

A Sophisticated Meat Company.

We offer prime, hand-cut proteins of the highest quality, all minimally processed and handled by expertly trained artisans, not machines. Our Beef has been minimally processed and raised with no hormones or antibiotics. When animals are stressed, it causes a breakdown of muscle glycogen. This makes the meat more acidic, which is less healthy and less flavorful.

Highest Quality, Never Frozen Beef.

At Premier Meat Company, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with
a farm-to-plate dining experience of the highest grade, never-frozen beef, sent fresh to your doorstep.

Health Matters

Premier Meat Company provides the highest quality, eco-conscious beef that is naturally healthier. Taste the difference and you’ll see why our beef far outweighs any other.

Peak Condition.

Every piece is hand cut by our expertly trained artisans, individually inspected to ensure premium quality, and shipped nationwide to you directly at the peak of freshness.

Flavor and Texture.

The term “marbling” refers to the amount of intra-muscular fat found inside the meat. It appears as white swirls or specks throughout the redness of the beef, which is reminiscent of a marble, hence the name. Much of beef’s flavor comes from its marbling, which also makes the meat tender and juicy. Higher levels of marbling are generally preferred because they provide superior taste, tenderness and juiciness.

Australian Wagyu Coulotte

The Smart Farming Environment.

Farms that engage in sustainable farming methods and practice the humane treatment of animals offer a “Smart-Farm” environment. From the Smart Farm, beef arrives to Premier Meat Company to be cut and packaged so that it can be delivered to your home with very little processing.

Grades of Quality.

Choice. USDA Choice is a grade of beef with modest marbling and a fine selection, especially for cuts derived from the loin and rib areas. It is superior to USDA Select and considered a higher end cut.

Prime. With exceptional tenderness, flavor, juiciness and a finer texture, USDA Prime is the superior grade of beef. It is a highly marbled cut and considered the highest grade of beef.

Dry age. Premium dry-aged beef hangs in a refrigerated cooler for 30+days and tastes superior to wet-aged beef. Dry aging allows the moisture to escape; leaving beef that melts in your mouth and is packed with flavor.

Assortment Packages

Loyally serving the culinary world for decades, Premier Meat Company has taken its vast knowledge from serving thousands of chefs to curate these unique, hand-selected assortments. Share the experience with people you love, or gift in appreciation. Whatever the occasion may be, we guarantee high-end, fresh proteins delivered right to your doorstep.

The Premier.

We’ve gathered the highest quality, exclusive cuts of beef into the most luxurious assortment available. Featuring dry aged porterhouse and rib chops, to prime New York and filet. Experience the best Premier Meat Company has to offer.

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Juicy Beef Rib Eye Steak