High-Quality. Marbled Beef.

We offer prime cuts of the highest quality, minimally processed and handled by expertly trained artisans. To ensure the freshest, most tender beef, we select our meat for testing at random by our quality control manager to guarantee that only the best products are delivered.

Grade Selections


USDA Choice is a grade of beef with modest marbling, especially for cuts derived from the loin and rib areas. It is superior to USDA Select and considered a higher end cut.


With exceptional tenderness and flavor, Prime Steak is the highest grade ranked by the USDA. It has the highest level of marbling available by grade.

Dry Age

We wet-age our products for a minimum of 21 days to give the highest quality tenderness our customers deserve. Our Dry age method creates beef that melts in your mouth and is packed with flavor.

Exclusive Cuts

From ribeyes to tomahawks, we have the most Premier Cuts available on the market. With a 99.9% fill rate, there’s no limit to what we offer.

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