Fresh Lamb Loin Chops

All Natural Lamb Meat.

Premier Meat’s lamb stands apart from the rest because we work closely with local farms who are dedicated to sustainability and responsible resource management. Raised on vast grasslands by local family farms who take sustainable stewardship seriously, our lamb is fed with natural, 100% vegetarian feed that contains no byproducts or added hormones.

Its given a stress-free, comfortable environment and moved gently from pasture to pasture, enabling the land to renew itself after grazing so that rich nutrients are always available. All of which is why our all Natural, fresh, never frozen lamb is known for its superior taste, tender texture and unparalleled quality.

Smart Farmed.

Premier Meat Company’s lamb, working closely with local farms who are dedicated to sustainability and responsible resource management, stands apart from the rest.

Stress-Free and Healthy Animals.

Premier Meat Company’s lamb is raised outdoors on high quality natural grasses and grains. Flocks are rotated between seasonal fields for optimal foraging and proper land management, providing a natural stress-free environment. Producing a nutrient-rich and flavorful meat.

A Nutrient Powerhouse.

Lamb is rich in nutrients and naturally lean. An average serving of lamb is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-12, niacin, zinc, selenium, iron and riboflavin. Lamb raised outdoors on high quality natural grasses and grains produce succulent tender meat, nutrients and flavor. Premier Meat Company is dedicated to bringing home the highest quality, luxurious lamb available, straight from the farm to your dinner table.

Fresh Lamb Shank Steak

Highest Quality Lamb.

Our lamb is raised on vast grasslands and is rotated so that the fields on which they graze replenish the nutrients needed for a superior product. Fed with natural, 100% vegetarian feed without byproducts and no added hormones, given a stress-free comfortable environment and more, our lamb is known for its consistent, superior taste and unparalleled quality.

Grades of Quality.

Smart Farming. Farms that engage in sustainable farming methods andpractice the humane treatmentof animals offer a “smart-farming” environment.

Prime. Sustainable means “able to maintain at a certain level”, meaning the proteins we sell are produced using farming techniques that protect our entire ecosystem, the environment, animal welfare, human communities and public health.

All Natural. Food that has been minimally processed and contains no artificial preservatives or byproducts.

Fresh Would Be an Understatement.

Premier Meat Company only offers the highest quality, all natural lamb delivered fresh to be handled and cut at the peak of freshness. Expertly trained hands inspect every order to ensure premium quality straight from the farm to your door, never frozen, nationwide.

Smart Environments at Their Best.

Lamb raised in “Smart Farm” environments, live their lives surrounded by positive energy. This positive energy is passed on to you, through the freshest, best tasting lamb available to the home consumer. Premier Meat Company is proud to be leading the way, providing for the first time, all natural, high quality, fresh lamb to homes across the nation.

Fresh Lamb Meat Kebab