Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Experience: Check out our Specials

As you prepare to enchant taste buds this Valentine’s Day, let our premium meats be your culinary muse. Our carefully sourced and expertly curated selection promises to elevate your dishes, adding a symphony of flavors to your special creations.

Ignite the passion in your kitchen with our succulent cuts, ethically sourced from local farms dedicated to quality and sustainability. From exquisite filets to robust ribeyes, our range is designed to inspire your culinary artistry.

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Steak Dinner Inspiration

Experience the difference with our beef selection:

Prime Tomahawk 32oz

Prime Ribeye 18oz

Dry Age Ribeye 14oz

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Special Delights

Spice up your dishes with something one of a kind:

Pork Tomahawk 16oz

Free-Range Airline Chicken 7-8 split

Veal Rack Chop 16oz

Veal 16oz Center Cut Hind Shank

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Premier Meat Company Filet Mignon

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This Valentine’s Day, make every dish a declaration of love with the finest ingredients. Elevate your creations, captivate your patrons, and set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Contact us at (323) 277-5888 now to explore our exclusive offerings tailored for chefs who understand the language of taste.

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