Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About our All-Natural Frenched Lollipop Lamb Chops

We’ve been delighted to see an increased in both the number of local livestock producers who have added a flock of meat-sheep to their farms and by the number of consumers who order a few packages of lamb, including our Frenched lollipop lamb chops, in their orders. We think this sudden interest in lamb is good for local industry, the environment, and everyone one enjoys eating.

What Makes All-Natural Lamb Chops Special

The term all-natural indicates that the lambs the chops come from were raised in a way that’s as close to nature as possible. In many cases, the farmers are in the process of transferring their conventional sheep farming operation to one that’s certified organic, a process that often takes a few years, and a great deal of time. Other times, the shepherds are raising their sheep in an organic manner, but don’t want to deal with all the red-tape that goes along with becoming organic certified.

What that means to you, as a consumer, is that the animal that produced the meat was raised in a way that meant they weren’t fed growth hormones, preservatives, or received unnecessary medical treatments.

The Difference between Frenched Lollipop Lamb Chops and Mutton Chops

We’ve lost count of the number of people who get a horrified expression whenever someone mentions eating lamb. It’s been our experience that the reason so many people have such a negative reaction is because at some point they ate something they were told was lamb, but they were really served mutton.

Lamb comes from a younger animal, usually between 6 and fourteen months old. It’s a very tender meat that’s bursting with flavor. Mutton is from an older animal (often older than three years and recently culled from a breeding program.) The meat is tougher, has a stringy texture, and doesn’t taste as sweet. We think it’s okay as stew meat, but don’t believe it works well for chops and roasts.

How We Obtain Our All-Natural Frenched Lamb Chops

Just because someone approaches us and happens to have lambs for sale, it doesn’t mean we’ll use them. Since the very beginning, everyone at Meat the Butchers has been devoted to supplying each and every one of our customers with the finest quality, most flavorful lamb possible, and we know that this starts on the farm.

We spent thousands of hours going from one sheep farm to another, looking for a farm that provided a stress-free environment for the lambs to grow and flourish, where the sheep were pasture raised and never given and preservatives or growth hormones. We also made sure that the farmer specialized in meat breeds, rather than wool breeds, since the meat breeds mature sooner, provide larger lamb chops, and have better flavored meat than breeds that primarily produce wool.

You Can Get our Premier Frenched Lollipop Lamb Chops Delivered Straight to Your Kitchen

Meat the Butchers provides both business and residents located in the lower 48 states with a unique opportunity to enjoy the same superior quality Frenched lollipop lamb chops that the best chefs in Southern California does. Not only are we one of the few premier meat subscription services that offers lollipop lamb chops via online ordering, but we’re also the only company that has created a system that allows you to have fresh, never frozen, meat delivered directly to your door within 48 hours of you placing your order.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Simply go to our website, and fill out the online form. The hardest part about the process is deciding if you want a package of fresh, superior quality meat delivered once a month, every other week, or once a week.

Once the order is placed, FedEx and Meat the Butcher takes care of everything else.

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