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Beef Rib Eye Steaks

Beef comes from a cow. But it comes in many forms, cuts, qualities, and all have different names. Ground beef. Sirloin. Filet Mignon. Bone Marrow. Rib Eye. And many more. All meats are best used in some dishes more than others, cook better with certain methods than others. But, if you know the right way to cook them all, and the best ways to dress them up with flavors and other ingredients, you can’t go wrong, ever. Brush up on your knowledge about the different types of beef, starting with the popular rib eye.
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Master the Rib Eye; Bone In, Bone Out

Rib eye steak is a beef steak from the ribs area of the cow, but does not get cut or presented with the bone included. (Other countries will use “rib eye steak” to refer to the beef steak with a rib bone included). For rib eye steaks with the bone, the U.S. will actually often use “cowboy rib eye” or “cowboy cut.” More specifically, to locate the rib eye steak of the cow, it will be between ribs six through twelve, between the loin and shoulder.

Rib eye steaks tend to have a very nice marbling to it, meaning it will be quite flavorful, juicy, and tender. Because of this, grilling on a cast iron skillet or roasting it slowly in the oven are top cooking methods, as it allows the meat to cook in its own fats.

These steaks in particular are quite flavorful when cooked to the desired doneness, even when it is seasoned only with salt and pepper! Extra seasonings or sauces or marinades are not absolutely necessary compared to other meats, but they are still welcome. But simple salt and pepper seasoning means the person can take more notice to the natural flavor and texture of the meat without any other overpowering flavors. Just remember to allow your ribeye steak to sit for a few minutes after cooking so the juices can settle – cutting into it too quickly means the juices will release and your bites will be a tad drier!

An Eye for Rib Eyes

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