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Assorted Meat Packages

Premier Meat Company has taken its vast knowledge from serving thousands of chefs to curate these unique, hand-selected assortments. Share the experience with people you love, or gift in appreciation. Whatever the occasion may be, we guarantee high-end, fresh proteins delivered right to your doorstep. We’ve gathered the highest quality, exclusive cuts of beef into […]

Premier Meat Company Makes Dinner Simple

Invite Premier Meat Company To Your Christmas Each holiday season, it seems like the family gets a little bigger – the kids are growing up, some are getting married, others are having their own children, in-laws are joining, as are occasional friends who aren’t able to be with their families for the holidays. The more […]

Our Wet-Aged Protein Badge

Wet Vs. Dry-Aged Meat Premier Meat Company ensures fresh, high quality meats every time. A part of this guarantee is our process for wet-aging meat to achieve optimal tenderness. For a piece of meat to be wet-aged, it needs to be vacuum-sealed in plastic within 24 hours of slaughter. It then must be refrigerated for […]