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Premier’s Free Range Poultry

When you walk down the poultry aisle at the supermarket, most of the chickens you see were likely raised indoors or in cages from the time they were just chicks. Free range chickens are different from your average supermarket chicken because they live their lives outdoors, naturally and happily. However, even when buying USDA certified […]

Caribbean Paleo Chicken Drummettes

A sweet and spicy marinade takes advantage of the versatile flavor of free-range chicken. This incredibly simple meal leaves no reason not to eat healthfully on a time budget. Serve as a snack or pair with a side of salad. INGREDIENTS 2 lb chicken drummettes 1/2 fresh pineapple, cut into pieces 1/2 fresh mango cut […]

Perfecting between the Farm and the Fork

We work with world-class farms and some of the world's best restaurants, but it is the in-between that makes us special. From our facilities to our artisan butchers, we don't accept less than perfection. You can’t pride yourself on world-class products unless you have the world-class facility and team to back it up. Our facilities [...]