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Cast-Iron Skillet Porterhouse Steak

The Porter House has always been big kahuna of the steak family. Big and burly, it’s a common man’s man choice for the grill and our dry-aged steak features rich flavors and velvety texture. What makes these hand cut steaks special besides the fact that we dry age them for 28 days is your choice […]

The Perfect Porterhouse

As much as we love to bring new exciting twists to classic recipes, some classics are too good to ignore. In need of no extra help and very little introduction, this traditional porterhouse recipe will leave no mystery as to how this meal has withstood the test of time. INGREDIENTS 2 (14oz) Porterhouse Steak Dry […]

Porterhouse with Lemon-Thyme Butter

A strip of tender new york on one side and slab of juicy filet on the other really makes this cut of beef the best of both worlds. Treat yourself or your family with this easy-to-master recipe for a pleasant and elegant dinner. Ingredients 2 (14-ounce) porterhouse steak, at room temperature Kosher salt and freshly […]