Is Premier Meat Company Another Omaha Steaks?

How We’re Different From Omaha Steaks

In our industry, we have learned that the mark of an excellent meat company is not how long we’ve been in business. What matters most is the quality of meat we source and the support we provide to our local farmers who practice sustainability. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been serving top restaurants their finest proteins for over 50 years and while Omaha Steaks has been well-established for 99 years now, the quality of our meats have always been held to very different standards as all other online providers.

healthiest freshest and highest quality meats available online

1. All-Natural Animal Husbandry

Here at Premier Meat Company, our principles rest upon providing the finest, healthiest meats from the most humanely raised animals. Our meats are all-natural and fresh. The animals we get our meat from were never injected with growth hormones or given antibiotics. Our chickens were allowed to roam in greater pasture areas, our cows were grass fed. Our farmers practice these methods to raise the best animals for the cleanest meats. Premier Meat Company supports America’s local farmers by sourcing all our meats from these farms and ranches. Read more about Niman Ranch and other family farms here.

One point more dear to our hearts is that all of our meat comes from farms that practice sustainable farming methods. This means that from the way the farmer treats the animal, to the way the farmer treats the earth, it is done with the utmost care for our eco-system and planet as a whole. Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Our meats are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. That’s healthy.

2. Decades of Artisan Performance

Before we made our meats available to the consumer, Premier Meats were available only to restaurants in Southern California. Premier Meat Company has skilled and trained butchers to cut you the nicest piece of meat that you desire. These guys are the same guys who cut the meats for LA’s top restaurants like BOA Steakhouse and Osteria Mozza. You’ve heard of these fine dining establishments and perhaps you’ve even dined there. You’re aware at how excellent their food is; this is the excellence we strive for with every order.

We only sell the top two grades of meat. Choice and Prime. That’s Quality.

3. Never-Frozen Proteins

If we want to emphasize one key, unmistakable difference between Premier Meat Company and any other online meat provider above all else, it is that Premier Meat Company ships their meats 100% fresh. You will never receive one frozen piece of meat in an order placed through our online store. Our innovative packaging solution allows us to ship our meats refrigerated at safe temperature, so that when you receive your order, you will have the freshest piece of steak possible.

No Freezing, No Food Dye, No Dry Ice. That’s a Promise.
No Dry ice, no freezing, no dyes. The Premier Promise.

A Meat Company Unlike Any Other

You can and should enjoy restaurant-quality meat in your own home that were not only cut with expert hands but raised by the kindest hands. Each order from Premier Meat Company, supports sustainable, local family farms. This is the type of support system we need to thrive. Visit our online store to order yourself a shipment of our premium, high-quality steaks and have it at your door in under 48 hours.

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