No Antibiotics, Guaranteed

Premier Meat Company Guarantees No Antibiotics

At Premier Meat Company, we strongly believe that there is nothing natural about injecting antibiotics into farm animals. Likewise, we believe that there is nothing natural about consuming the meat of these injected animals. That’s why we source our meats from local family farms with all-natural, sustainable practices, meaning they do not inject their animals with any antibiotics, never ever.
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The Problem With Antibiotics

Think about it: when you eat meats, you’re unaware that you’re also eating everything that was put into those meats. In most cases, this includes chemicals, preservatives and multiple doses worth of antibiotics. These chemicals are not immediately harmful, but have serious consequences in the long-term. Not only do our own bodies build immunities to these medications, but so do the viruses they are meant to combat. The meat from animals treated with antibiotics contain:

• Thousands of chemicals from medication
• Various bacteria that have grown immune to antibiotics
• Meat that was grown faster through being fed these antibiotics

But when you select all natural meats like ours, you know you’re getting the healthiest dose of protein and nothing less. Our farmers know the dangers of incorporating medicines in our communities’ food supplies.

We Source All Natural Meat

We want to ensure our customers never receive proteins that were treated with chemicals or drugs that cause harm which is why we work so closely with our ranches and partners. Our farmers don’t find it necessary to treat their animals with antibiotics because they are not kept in such confined quarters or as unsanitary of facilities as their commercial counterparts. Every order through our online store helps to support the farmers in our country who implore these healthy and environmentally responsible practices.

Healthy eating and sustainable farming is fortunately a growing trend among consumers and we are happy to be able to meet this demand not just at fine dining restaurants, but now by delivering them directly to your home. When we say our meats have zero antibiotics, this is not just a label, it’s a promise. And now with our new subscription model, you can enjoy our all natural meats in your own home without a trip to the store, physical or digital!

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