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What’s on the Menu This Valentine’s Day?

On The Menu: Valentine’s Dinner Instead of the typical romantic dinner out for Valentine’s Day, how about throwing on an apron and treating your loved one to a home-cooked dinner? There’s something about getting to cook for your loved one that makes the cook feel very good about him or herself. It’s a satisfaction they […]

No Antibiotics, Guaranteed

Premier Meat Company Guarantees No Antibiotics At Premier Meat Company, we strongly believe that there is nothing natural about injecting antibiotics into farm animals. Likewise, we believe that there is nothing natural about consuming the meat of these injected animals. That’s why we source our meats from local family farms with all-natural, sustainable practices, meaning […]

What Does All Natural Mean?

Premier Meat Company All Natural Meat Premier Meat Company’s all natural meat badge can be found on all of our cuts of meat and denote a food that has been minimally processed and contains no artificial preservatives or ingredients. This seemingly overused term might be losing its potency in the mainstream food marketplace, but Premier […]