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Our Wet-Aged Meat Badge

Premier Meat Company Beef Rib Eye Steak

Wet Vs. Dry-Aged Meat Premier Meat Company proudly ensures fresh, high-quality meats every time. A part of being able to fulfill this guarantee is our process for wet-aging meat to achieve optimal tenderness. All of our steaks and cuts of meat are handled with a level of expertise that you just won’t find from other […]

Date Night Special with Filet Mignon Prime Steak Recipes

Filet Mignon

There aren’t any rules that enjoying a nice date night dinner requires you to go out on the town. With Premier Meat Company beef filet mignon prime steak and a few more ingredients, you can enjoy an intimate, restaurant quality, date night dinner in the comfort of your own home. Crab-Stuffed Filet Mignon Prime Steak […]

Premier Meat Company Offers High-Quality Organic Meat

Juicy Beef Rib Eye Steak

Finding High-Quality Organic Meat With the increasing demand for organic products, there are now more options than ever when it comes to sourcing high-quality organic meat. Local farmers’ markets, specialty grocery stores, and online suppliers are excellent places to start your quest for organic meat. It’s important to do your research and look for reputable […]

Premier Meat is a Resource for Organic and Sustainable Meats

Premier Meat Company Fresh Pork Steak

Premier Meat Company, with a focus on healthy eating, is committed to providing the finest quality of meats to produce the most flavorful dishes. Our products are supplied by family farmers, who are committed to humane practices and sustainable methods. We understand the importance of quality within the food industry and uphold high standards of […]

How Fresh is the Grocery Stores Chilean Sea Bass?

It’s not unusual for a grocery store to claim they’re selling fresh Chilean sea bass and other types of fish, but it’s in your best interest to dig a little deeper into their claims. Often, you’ll find the fish isn’t as fresh as the establishment implies. According to many experts, approximately 70% of the fish […]

Cooking Your Steak to Perfection

You can test the doneness of a fresh cut steak by touch. Press on the steak in the thickest part, but do not cut into it. Then press each finger to the thumb – middle finger to thumb pressure will be the same pressure you feel on the steak for a rare cook. Ring finger to thumb is medium.

Buy Steaks Online | Buy Steaks Premium Meats Online

Buying steaks online is definitely extremely different as compared with selecting all of your meat from your community market and butcher shop. Often the primary aspect people will probably observe is the fact that the price is most likely to be more expensive, which is actually alright, because so is the level of quality. Still, […]

Meaty Snacks for the Super Bowl

Small Foods for the Super Bowl Wouldn’t it be nice if Super Bowl Sunday was an official holiday? After all, it is spent with family, friends, and a lot of food and alcohol! In order to host the perfect Super Bowl watch party, you’ll need to plan, in advance, what you’re going to feed your […]

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

If you’re tired of mashing away all your potato’s crisping potential, here is a side dish to try that is as beautiful as it is delicious. A butter and oil rub help the browning process to allow a presentation that will look amazing next to your holiday turkey or any other thanksgiving dish. INGREDIENTS 3 […]

Buying a Quality Knife

It’s just like any one of our artisan butchers or talented guest chefs will tell you; if you want to cut the best fillet, you need the best tools. A good quality knife is any chef’s secret weapon in the kitchen, and just like Premier Meat Company works to provide the highest quality meats to […]