How Fresh is the Grocery Stores Chilean Sea Bass?

It’s not unusual for a grocery store to claim they’re selling fresh Chilean sea bass and other types of fish, but it’s in your best interest to dig a little deeper into their claims. Often, you’ll find the fish isn’t as fresh as the establishment implies. According to many experts, approximately 70% of the fish retailors call fresh is actually fish that’s been caught, was flash frozen, and then thawed. Not only does mean the fish isn’t fresh, but that the quality has already deteriorated.

The Problem with Frozen Fish

The problem with freezing fish and then thawing it again is that the freezing process causes moisture within the meats cell to expand, which causes the cell walls to explode. That’s why frozen fish always has a slightly different texture than real fresh fish that’s never been frozen.

The texture of the Chilean sea bass isn’t the only thing that’s impacted by the freezing process. Because of the cellular damage, fish that’s been frozen and thawed spoils faster than fish that’s never been inside a freezer.

While red meat goes through a curing process during which natural enzymes go to work tenderizing the meat which also enhances the flavor, fish doesn’t. It simply breaks down, which is why experts say that fish should be consumed within ten days of it being caught.

How You Can Enjoy Fresh Caught Chilean Sea Bass

Meat the Butchers understand the value of good, fresh Chilean sea bass, and we think that each and every one of our customers is entitled to the freshest fish possible. So, while other meat subscription programs sell frozen fish and claim that it’s fresh, we take the sea bass as soon as the fishermen get it onto shore, cut it into 7oz filets and put it on a FedEx truck. The combination of FedEx’s excellent delivery services and the gel packs we place in with the fish make it possible for you to enjoy fresh Chilean sea bass that’s never been frozen. Trust us, you’ll taste the difference.

Can You Freeze the Chilean Sea Bass?

It’s our belief that Chilean sea bass tastes best when it’s fresh and has never been frozen, but we also understand that it’s not always possible to eat the sea bass right away. If you can’t enjoy the fish within a day or two of your Meat the Butcher package arriving, you should freeze the fish. When you do this, we urge you to use a high-quality freezer bag. Try to use the fish within a month of freezing it. Most importantly, don’t remove it from the freezer unless your prepared to eat it as soon as it’s thawed. Any delay gives bacteria an opportunity to find the fish.

How Long Before You Can Enjoy Chilean Sea Bass

We’ve managed to do something that once seemed impossible. Thanks to some help from the good people at FedEx, we’ve created an online meat subscription program that’s so efficient, that Chilean sea bass, lamb chops, and fresh filet mignon steaks travel from our butcher shop to your door in less than forty-eight hours. As soon as the package arrives, you can start preparing the meat.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our fresh, never frozen Chilean sea bass or our online meat subscription program. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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