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Wagyu Beef Nutritional Facts

Wagyu Beef Nutritional Facts

Calling all carnivores and happy omnivores. One of the best food experiences is Wagyu Beef from Japan. For the American palate, flavorful beef needs to have at least 3 percent of fat. Wagyu is well above 20-percent. While this delectable protein is renowned for its marbling and amazing flavor, did you also know that it’s […]

Make Filet Mignon Prime Steak a Part of This Year’s Tailgating Experience

This year, instead of settling for poor quality roasts and burger, commit yourself to eating tailgating food that delights your taste buds. You can achieve this by using Meat the Butchers filet mignon prime filet steak to make these perfect tailgating delicacies. All you need to pack is your grill and a few ingredients. Bacon […]

How Fresh is the Grocery Stores Chilean Sea Bass?

It’s not unusual for a grocery store to claim they’re selling fresh Chilean sea bass and other types of fish, but it’s in your best interest to dig a little deeper into their claims. Often, you’ll find the fish isn’t as fresh as the establishment implies. According to many experts, approximately 70% of the fish […]

Different Types of All-Natural Lamb Chops

Both agriculture and eating in the United States is in a state of constant evolution. One of the big changes we’re seeing is that an increasing number of livestock producers are moving away from beef operations and replacing their cows with breeding ewes and raising lamb instead of steers. There are several reasons for the […]

Celebrating National Filet Mignon Steak Day with a Bloody Mary Filet Mignon Prime Steak Recipe

Braised Frenched Lollipop Lamb Chops

Lamb is often considered the height of fine dining. Most people go out to a nice restaurant and order the tender, rich meat because they’re worried that they’ll be unable to cook the meat at home. Here at Premiere Meats, we want you to take a deep breath and take a chance. We think that […]

Chilean Sea Bass in Cherry Tomato

Premier Meat Company’s Chilean Sea bass is line-caught from the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This succulent cod is an excellent source of protein and when seared just right, has a flaky, tender texture that can be cut with a fork. The Chilean Sea Bass’s own flavors fair well with the sweet juices from cherry […]

Lamb Rack Roast – Valentine’s Surprise for Her

No restaurant view or expensive plate can be more romantic than surprising her with a gourmet dinner, compliments of yourself. If she’s the one who usually does the feeding around here, turn the tables and put a delicious rack of lamb at the end of it. If you tend to do some cooking up yourself, […]

Fried & Breaded Chicken Tenders

Free range chicken tenderloin are perfect for frying up the most tender, moist and flavorful strips you can get. These all natural chicken tenders leave no room for being the average lunch. Serve up some hot chicken tenders at dinner, lunch, or even your next party because nobody will be able to keep their hands […]

Breakfast in Bed – A Valentines Surprise for Him

Every day can be a day of love. But there’s one day out of the year you can make extra special! Remind the man in your life how much he means by whipping up a breakfast that breaks the norm without breaking the bank. A great start to a lovely day. Classic Crusted Filet Mignon […]