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Chop Shopping: A Guide to Loin Cuts

Premier Meat Company High Quality Pork Cuts Possibly the most popular cut of pork, the pork chop, has built itself a reputation for being a tender, flavorful and meticulously handled cut and is held to the same standard as any beef steak. Our family of professional butchers knows this. That’s why our artisans undergo rigorous […]

10 Thanksgiving Sides

When the night draws closer, many hungry guests can’t wait for that gorgeous golden turkey to hit the table, but what most people overlook are the potential dishes that could be there supporting your poultry creation. The sides a host chooses to serve have the potential to make or break the presentation of any Thanksgiving […]

Local Family Farms

Premier Meat Company is proud to offer only meats that have been sourced from local humane family farms that are an integral part of America’s agricultural heritage and have often been passed down for generations. Mary’s Free-Range Chickens are produced by Pitman Family Farms, a family owned business that has been raising poultry for three […]

Beef & Beer: Pairing Tips for the Ultimate Team

Whether you’re planning a top-shelf dinner party for associates or simply enjoying a steak with the family, correctly pairing your beef to the right type of beer can enhance the flavor experience. From pale ales to dark lagers, beer features myriad nuances of taste, texture and bite. When matching beer and beef, the intensity of […]